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RosaAnne Charity Walk - Jersey Alzheimer's Association

A Walk for Love

This charity walk is to commemorate my mum's and mother-in-law 1st anniversary. As Alzheimer's sufferers, I wished I could have done more to understand their behaviour and how I could have helped them. This walk is an unique opportunity to create awareness in the island and support the Jersey Alzheimer's Association (JAA)

There are over 1200 people in Jersey with dementia and this number will increase over the coming years as the population ages. Contributing will help the JAA to provide services and support to people with dementia, their carers and families.

This is the route that we will be walking on the 25th of May at 10:00 a.m.

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St Ouens - Sunday Stroll #4

Best of both worlds - Sea and Countryside

sunny 13 °C

If you are looking to have a bit of everything Jersey has to offer, this walk is the perfect one for you. There is sea, history, sports, wildlife, and countryside so you will get really spoiled in less than 2 hrs.

Our starting point was the Kemp Tower. A Jersey granite tower built in 1834 to protect the island from French invasion. This is one of the many towers that have been built in Jersey. It is a great architectural piece from Napoleonic times which has survived through time so it is worth to have a look.

Not far from the Kemp Tower, you find another fortification called La Tour Cârrée. A fortified guardhouse and magazine which may have been erected around 1778 for the same intentions as the Kemp tower. It supported a battery of three 24-pounder cannons that stood on a paved surface in front of it. Shingle now covers this surface. The tower is currently painted black and white on the seaward side to serve as a day mark for sailors. However, if you are looking for an adventure holiday, you can let it as a self-catering accommodation through the Jersey Heritage Trust. Accommodation is extremely basic so don’t expect to find 3* luxuries.

Another guard house is “The White Cottage” also known as “La Caumine à Marie Best”. Built in 1765 and now owned by the National Trust for Jersey, is one very remarkable site. His whitewashed walls serve as a landmark for sailors and this like many other historical properties on the island can be let for short periods of time.


Once you have your little bit of history, you don’t have to go far to experience beauty. St Ouen’s Bay is one of the favourite ones for all sorts of sports. As it is exposed to the Atlantic along its entire length, surfing is the most popular activity. However, don’t be fooled by it. You can also enjoy windsurfing, sand yachting and kite flying. If you are like me who wants to avoid crowded beaches, this is the one to come. The extensive 5 miles gives you plenty of space to install your kitchen sink and all the paraphernalia for a family or friends picnic.

The scenery changes when you cross the main road. The strong wind disappears and you are suddenly in another part of Jersey. The contrast between the countryside and the beach is so apparent that you think you have just left to another country. This is why I like Jersey, one minute you are being blown away by the strong winds, the next you are just walking by the country side protected of all elements.


As you walk along the tiny roads, you find Les Mielles Golf Course. For an island of only 75 sq miles, 7 Golf Course Clubs seem a lot but they have cleverly managed to incorporate wildlife with sport and pleasure. Les Mielles is also a Nature Reserve which contains an incredible mosaic of wetland habitats and the largest area of natural open water in Jersey. While walking along you might find a lovely couple of Black Swans and their cygnets waddling along the golf course.


When you thought the fun finished, you are surprised with another astounding site, Val de la Mare Reservoir. Constructed in 1962, it is the second largest in the island. The reservoir also has an arboretum which has around 300 different specimens including the Giant Redwood. The reservoir is open to the public and you can visit the “Forgotten Forest” at no cost.


Despite my best intentions to follow the map, my companions wanted a more unstructured walk. Felt with courage, we followed our noses to see how we could return back to our starting point. The new route took us to a farm with some newly dug up Jersey potatoes. They ended up in our beautiful Sunday lunch at Jules. A great experience!


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Corbiere to Portelet - Sunday Stroll #3

Cliff / Beach Walk

sunny 13 °C

This walk will provide you with the most stunning views you have ever seen in Jersey. A combination of cliffs, headland and unspoiled beaches that will make your heart stop.


Today, I will only describe you the beaches. You will find four as you walk which will satisfy the most demanding needs.

If you are looking for that special hide-away place with your other half, Beauport beach is the one one to go. Its golden sand and unique position gives you the chance to get the perfect tan you always dreamed of. Its long trek down a very hilly path stops it for being overcrowded so you can be sure you won't be interrupted in your romantic picnic.


If on the contrary, you have got a family or just having a day out with friends, St. Brelade and Ouaisne beach will be the ones to choose. They are divided by huge stones which will connect the two beaches when the tide is out. Their vast space will give you the opportunity to build a sand castle, play beach volleyball or just relax in your deck chair. Plus if you like watersports, you can try paddle boarding, kayaking or scuba diving. The south aspect and direct sun through all afternoon give you great shelter and the most astonishing sunsets. So if you are thinking of having a family or friends day out, you find this is the spot.


Some of us like the secluded beaches where nothing touristic goes on. If you are that type of person, Portelet bay would be your choice. Despite it has got a restaurant at the top of the hill which is always crowded by locals and tourists, its beach is isolated from them. As Beauport, you need to climb down some steps. However, you won't be dissappointed. Its stunning views of Janvrin Tomb will let you stay all day long.


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Corbiere to Portelet - Sunday Stroll #3

Please find the map for our next Sunday stroll on 30/03/2014

Need more information, please inbox me direct on facebook or write to chocolaticouk@yahoo.co.uk

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St. Mary's Walk - Sunday Stroll #2

A spooky experience

sunny 7 °C

Walking has really changed my life and I am glad of it. Not only have I been able to see the world in a different light but it has given me the opportunity to meet some true friends.

Sundays are now a special day where walking is a must. It started with Jules and me going for a stroll to clear our heads and to enjoy a day out. It has somehow changed and more people have started to join us. This second Sunday walk has been a revelation for us so I won’t be giving you a description of places but an insight of how wonderful it is to do it with friends.


Jules and I had the chance to open up to people we met through dancing and it has been extremely rewarding. Sharing our thoughts and what we want in life has made us realise that we have got a lot in common. So this time I didn't do much talking, I was listening.
It was interesting to find out that is not only me who enjoys the simple things that walking gives you. My new companions were wowed by the view; they took pictures to every flower, crop or animal they encountered. They seemed to be doing the same I do when I walk on my own, just being amazed by what this beautiful country has to offer.


This time I didn’t need my research book to find out the history behind the places. Jules kindly provided us with exact details of the origins of Devil’s Hole’s name. Her intriguing and interesting story kept us all focused on the place and its mystery. It all fell a bit spooky.

At least 4 dogs had gone past us and as a very Jersey tradition; we all stopped to perform our routine questionnaire. How old is it? Is it male or female? Isn’t the weather beautiful today? What is not surprising is to find people you know and this walk was no different. We even stopped to chat to locals, cyclists and for the essential group photo.


Stories came and went and we were laughing more than usual. The cool air and bright sun definitely helped us to release all negative thoughts. We were just enjoying what we were experiencing. No-one understood why we were so elated but there was a sensation of great feeling which brought us together.


We reached Gréve De L’ecq woods and the sun was helping to show us it’s magic. The tall trees created some amazing shades and covered the exquisite green vegetation. However for some reason some trees were covered in a white plastic giving them a remarkable ghostly look. It was then when Jules scary stories began again. Apparently, when she was new to the island, she rode with a friend through the woods and recalled to have seen a couple wondering and looking at her. Her friend, who knew the Newall brothers’ story, told her what had happened and they both decided to flee the place. The story just made us panic so there wasn’t any detour to explore the woods.


It was enough emotion for a day. We all wanted to sit and enjoy some delicious Portuguese casserole Patricia had cooked so we head to her house; stopping here and there to admire the architecture, the flowers, and the country life. In her garden, we sat down to soak a bit more sun and to talk about…well you know…life!

If you want to follow us in our Sunday walks, I will be providing a map of our next destination.

Feel free to join us or contact me direct on chocolaticouk@yahoo.co.uk for more details.

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