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From Greve de L'ecq to St. Ouens Beach

North Meeting West

semi-overcast 6 °C

There was no need for a map this time. I have walked these paths so often that I could easily do them blindfolded. Despite that it was sunny, the wind was cold and I could feel it through the 4 layers of clothing I had. That didn't stop me enjoying the sea view and listening to the birds singing. There are some walks that offer you complete solitude but this one was full of surprises from beginning to end.
I started at Greve de L'ecq leaving behind the Napoleonic tower and climbing a rather steep hill to admire the beautiful views of the bay. You can't stop looking behind you to see how much you have covered. To be honest from the top of the hill you can view the whole north coast even to Bonne Nuit. As you approach to Plémont Bay, the enormity of the caves take you back a bit. The bay seems to be down in a cave. Its golden sands invite you to take your shoes off. You just need to remember it is only January and the sea even though looks idyllic, it is cold.
Just arriving to Plémont, I found a surfer who managed to write off his very expensive land rover while parking. I felt the urge to take photos but decided to help him instead. Leaving the surfer (who is also a fire-fighter) in good hands, I continued to go up and down the valley until reaching Gronez Castle, a ruin from the 14th century. From then onwards it was easy walking despite the force 5 winds.
The moment I left north and touched west at L'etacq, the wind hit my face with such a force I had to close my eyes a bit to avoid getting them watery. Walking on St. Ouens beach is just what my feet needed...


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From Bonne Nuit to Greve de L'ecq

The Grazing Headlands

9 °C

Armed with food provisions, warm clothes and a packed rucksack , I was ready for the next stage of the round the island walk at 10:30. This time, I wanted to have all the necessary energy to climb the steep hills and no music to distract me of the real reason why I do these walks: "internal peace, quietness and to get in touch with nature" and it really paid off to have everything in order. The views from the top of the cliffs were tantalising. The north coast of France and the rest of the Channel Islands could be easily viewed. It wasn't only the coast which attracted my interest but the beautiful sheep grazing in land. If you are planning to visit this island it is good you invest some time finding out what really attracted you to it in the first place. You are bound to find something about your main interest that you didn't know. My walk started trying to get to Bonne Nuit but once the bay could be seen, I had to climb 132 step to reach one of the highest peak in Jersey. The road eases as you walk and you stop climbing as much but the views continue to be breathtaking. When I finally got to Sorel Point which it is the most northely tip of the island, it gave me the fantastic views of Paternoster reef to the Isle of Sark: "as it says it in the book". From that moment onwards, it was a gentle walk going up and down the hills till I reached Devil's Hole. What an amazing place! Something not to miss when you get here. From one cave to the next and then on the distance I heard a sound like a clay pigeon shoot but how wrong I was. It was the Riffle Range Club which closes part of the foothpath for obvious reasons. However, the scenic route to arrive to Greve de L'ecq makes you forget you miss a bit of the cliffs.


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Rozel Bay to Bonne Nuit Bay

A Hilly Experience

semi-overcast 10 °C

9:23 a.m...
The sight of potatoes being planted caught me by surprise. My senses traveled to that unique smell which only Jersey royals can give you. "Seaweed". And I could picture myself eating them. The road offered two distintive ways, the farm or the cliffs and I chose the cliff. From that moment on, I fell I was climbing to heaven and it fell like one. No matter how many times you see the sea, It draws you in and gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in your own thoughts. I walked what it seemed miles and I stopped from time to time to retrace my steps. I was utterly mesmerised. You think you have seen everything Jersey has to offer but then you find something new. Lots of fortifications dated Napoleonic times can be found on this path but I'll let you enjoy the photos which can explain it better.

1:30 p.m...
I was covered in mud from head to toe, my legs were hurting but I fell that I just bought the moon!

Rozel_Bay__001.jpgRozel Bay 002

Rozel Bay 002


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Gorey Harbour to Rozel Bay

The Oysters Bed

semi-overcast 11 °C
View Gorey to Rozel Bay on Adoni Mosquera's travel map.

It never ceases to amaze me how much you can learn while walking. This route has dazzled me not only with its beauty but its history and interesting architecture. Its impressive rocks make you feel unease but you still want to discover. This side of the island is well known for his ancient Oyster trade. Nowadays, it has been controlled by Jersey state after the oyster beds were exhausted by the industry in 1864. You see numerous towers and castles on your way. However, the most important is the people you run into while walking. In this instance, a Jersey old man whose children are married to foreigners of different nationalities. I can only say that the chat was as interesting as the walk!

Gorey Bay 001

Gorey Bay 001

Anne Port 005

Anne Port 005

Fliquet Tower 016

Fliquet Tower 016

Rozel Bay 023

Rozel Bay 023

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Elizabeth Quay Ferry Terminal To Gorey

A Rocky Experience

rain 10 °C

If you think that you have seen everything Jersey has to offer, you are wrong. Nothing prepares you for the astonishing, rocky and eerie feeling this walk gives you. I was expecting a typical long sandy beach to cross and nothing to be looking out for. How wrong I was! As I left the buzzling city and climbed Mont Bingham, it seemed I have gone to another island to walk. Despite the greyish day and rain, it still looked beautiful and inspiring. It wasn't long before my camera was capturing this amazing new world.

La Greve de Azette bay is full of distant rocks but you can still admire the sea. As I strolled along I found the "Havre des Pas Bathing Pool". This marvellous Victorian tidal swimming pool was opened to the public in 1895. Today it is the islander's favourite place for a real dip in the sea.
The rocks became bigger and bigger as I continued walking along the bay and around. You don't know how and when it happens but from one moment to the next you feel trapped between them. It gives you the feeling that you are on a maze. This place is known for its hazardous ground and rapid tidal flows and despite that I checked it about 7 times, I had the strange feeling that tide was going to rise up before my eyes could blink.

Trusting my instincts, I joined the coastal road and reached La Rocque point. From that point onwards, 5 of the most indescribable towers appeared. There is a mix of the old and the new. Then you arrive to Gorey to admire the remarkable sight of Mont Orgueil Castle (Gorey Castle). The photos this time will tell the story.

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