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Two Valleys

The Country Walk

storm 7 °C

I have been destined to get soaking wet every time I do this walk. Both times I completed it, I have had the wrong weather forecast. Thruthfully, the weather never deters me from walking but I would have preferred a bit of sun.

My starting point was St. Lawrence Church. This one is believed to be the oldest building in the parish and amongst the oldest churches in the Channel Islands with records dating back 1198. The church has been enlarged through centuries. There was a speculation during a renovation in the 19th century that a Roman pillar with an inscription may be as early as the 6th century was found but I didn't enter to check.


In spite of the wind, the cold, the rain, this walk offers you one of the best of Jersey's woodlands. A combination of streams, paths and water reservoirs gives you the feeling that you have reached paradise. The rolling waves of St Ouen's beach are a distant memory and you are suddenly absorbed by this new world of different animal species and natural history.


The recent weather hasn't been kind to nature so I saw myself walking through fallen trees, deep muddy paths and overflown water gullies until I reached the valley. From the moment you step on Fern Valley Road, the beautiful canopy of trees cover you from the elements as you decend to Fern Valley. A land that covers around 24 vergees (11 acres). This has everything you wish to see in a country walk but please do it in the summer.


When you finally reach the top of the hill, you can have a glimpse of St. Aubin's bay. From there onwards you prepare yourself to be tantalised by another valley: Waterworks Valley and its Millbrook Reservoir. Your senses are awaken again and your experience with nature is undescribable.


Leaving the valley and approaching to the city puts you back into reality. The buzz and hassle of the day living is back.


If you want to have more information, please visit : The National Trust for Jersey or Discover Jersey

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St Ouens Rural

The Country Side

semi-overcast 9 °C

A picture is worth a thousand words. A short walk in preparation for the Two Valleys walk tomorrow


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St. Lawrence Circular

A Historical Trip

sunny 8 °C

8:44 a.m.
Leaving the house to explore an unknown route is always an adventure. My enthusiasm is always evident even before I leave my house because I know I always discover something new.

This trip is one of those which are full of historical interest yet I have been postponing it several times just to avoid talking about the occupation or the war. There are so many war structures and buildings that reflect how this island suffered in WWII, that is impossible to avoid them, so I went to explore and to learn more about it.

The beauty of walking in Jersey is that views can change in a matter of minutes. This time to get to my starting point I had to cross the impressive St Peter's Valley. This woodland despite of being so young, thrives with wildlife and contains a rich diversity of plant and tree species. It is re-known for having the tallest trees in the island and remains one of the most beautiful spots in Jersey.


Once you climb to the top of the valley, you find the most unusual concrete building I have ever seen: "The Kernweck (Battle Headquarters)". The German word Kern means the heart or core of something. These headquarters were built in the centre of Jersey and used as a defensive action against an invading force. What affected me the most was the written sign which explained how the occupants of 23 houses and farms round the area were given a 24-hr notice to evacuate their houses on 31st August 1942. The damp building is rapidly forgotten when you see the other side of the valley... a vast land growing some beautiful leeks


The tiny roads leads you to the Jersey War Tunnels. This underground hospital offers you the opportunity to explore an underground tunnel complex of Höhlgangsalange 8 (Ho8) which was constructed by forced and slave workers during the German occupation. The compelling messages engraved in huge metal sculptures touched a nerve. I supposed you don't have to experience war to feel it in your skin.


Tears cleaned, I continued my journey climbing the steep hill of Le Chemin des Montagnes. I wanted to have a closer look to the growing Jersey Royals and I wasn't disappointed. They were just a meter away from where I was standing and I could smell the earthy land. Followed by the most amazing old farms dated 16th Century: "Morel farm and La Fontaine". What else could you ask for?


12:35 p.m. legs were shaking and I was back home; reflecting on such a moving experience.

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St. Aubins to St. Helier

From the harbour to the sandy beach

storm 7 °C

Despite of the hailstorm, the thunder and lightening, I finally finished the last part of the round the island walk. Both St. Aubin's fort and Elizabeth castle looked like a Harry Potter scene but this time instead of boring you with lots of descriptions, I'll let the camera do the talking.

I feel thrilled...48.1 miles covered in my best time ever...22 Hrs and 18 minutes.


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St Ouens Beach - Corbiere - St. Aubins

The best of both worlds - beach/cliffs

sunny 9 °C

Day 1

Walking on your own gives you a great sense of peace but walking with friends on a sunny day makes you feel alive. The path becomes shorter and the slow pace gives you the opportunity to take the most outrageous and ridiculous selfies. However, you can't deny it is more fun. This would have been the last stage for me to complete the ITEX walk but as it was a beautiful day, the company was excellent and the spirits were high, it would have been a pity not to make a real detour.

The sand dunes of the west coast always change according to the weather and you always have a new path to discover; a new angle to take photos from.
Jules and Sue were prepared to walk as many miles as I wanted to but their shoes and clothes were saying they were just prepared for a Sunday stroll. Despite all of that, we left for the unknown. The more we walk, the more pictures we wanted to take. Soon the pretty sand dunes took us straight to St Ouens beach. The rolling waves always invite you for a surf and despite that the weather could be 3C, you want to take your shoes off and let the sea travel between your toes and the clear sand massage your feet.

The change between the sand and the rocks when you arrive to la Pulente gives you another side of the island. There is a huge contrast between the idyllic and the adventurous. Oyster catchers are famous round this part and the pungent seaweed reminds you of the delicious Jersey potatoes. Laughter and plenty of jokes took us in no time to a different spot. This is the place where every tourist who comes to Jersey has to visit "la Corbiere Lighthouse". However, the chilled champagne was waiting for us at home, so my route was conveniently interrupted but it was all worthy.

Thanks Jules and Sue for this magical day!


Day 2

I left my house trying to get to Corbiere, the last point I reached with my friends and the weather pretended to be good. As I know this part of the island like the palm of my hand, no map was needed either so I walked without being aware of my bearings but enjoying the peaceful nature around me.

I love to walk this side of the island while listening to music and singing at the same time. It brings back lovely memories from when I first arrived. Despite that I have walked it many times, there is always something different to discover. The Quarry looks more ancient, the railway walk trees have a different shape, the sea is rougher than you expect.

Even though the sun was shining, climbing the steep cliffs was going to be difficult. However, there is nothing better that arriving to the top. You can easily view the most stunning beaches this island has to offer: Beauport, St. Brelade and Ouaisne bay. Believe me! Every step you take, it is worth every single effort you make.

Once you leave Ouaisne Bay behind, you have to walk inland to reach St. Aubins Bay; a small port and village which has some of the best restaurants in the island. My favourite so far, "The Salty Dog". There is a beach route but i didn't attempt to walk it as the tide was in. Again the contrast of the farm, the sea, the cliffs are the best this island can give you...and honestly you won't be disappointed!

I am happy; it is only 5 miles before I reached St Helier. The end of my round the island walk is near!


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